Impact of Business Education and Family Background on Entrepreneurial Potential

Muhammad Imran Haider, Hafiz Ali Hassan, Shehzad Anjum Ansari


The present study is conducted to investigate the entrepreneurship potential among students
from various universities of Pakistan, and also to unveil the fact if educational qualification and
family background have any significant impact upon such potential of students. The reason for
conducting this study is that entrepreneurship is the key factor in making a country progressive
and competitive in the present world’s complex global business environment. An endeavor also
have been made in this research to point out to the academicians and other stakeholders of
educational sector of Pakistan whether or not the present educational system has any
significant  impact  on  grooming  and  developing  entrepreneurship  potential  among  the
university graduates who are getting business and commerce related education.

KEY WORDS: entrepreneurship, business, commerce, education, motivation, potential.

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