An International Review of Impact of Corporate Governance Variables on Firm Performance: A Comparison between Pakistan and Some other Countries

Muhammad Imran Haider,Hafiz Ali Hassan, Ammar Abdullah Hashmi Mehmood Hussain


The present study has been conducted to make a comparison between Pakistan and some other countries of the world regarding the impact of corporate governance system.
For example, size of board,  CEO  Duality,  Board  Composition,  Audit  Committee  etc  on  the performance of firms. Another objective of our research is to identify the relative importance of difference governance mechanisms and to locate which one is the most significant for better
efficiency of organization.  To fulfill the objectives of this study, research reviews from different
prominent scholars throughout the world have been consulted. On the basis of their findings, we have tried to establish a logical comparison between Pakistan and other countries
regarding the effect of governance mechanisms on profitability of firm. The countries studied included in this study are  China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, U.S.A., U.K., New Zealand, Egypt,
Switzerland, Spain andItaly . The findings of our research show that the impact of corporate
governance mechanism in Pakistan is almost similar to the other emerging as well as developed
countries. It has also been observed that majority of  the governance mechanisms have a
strong positive affect on firm performance while a few like CEO Duality etc. have a negative
effect on the performance of firms.

Key Words: Corporate Governance, Board Size, CEO Duality, Board Composition, Firm Performance


Jel Classification: G30, G34

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